The Results

“Treatments carried out to date have produced some remarkable results, with continued improvement shown up to 3 months after the treatment.”

The reasoning behind this is that AWT is not a temporary fix as it is having an effect on the old toughened connective tissue and allowing new fresh more elasticated connective tissue to grow thereby eliminating the “pull” effect. The new collagen produces a thicker dermis and counteracts the “push” effect and the combination of reduced “push” and “pull” counteracts the overall dimpling effect.

It needs to be understood that whilst AWT is pain free and non-invasive the healing process is similar to any injury or abrasion when fresh tissue needs time to grow and that is why some of the best results are shown after 3 months and onwards.

“The success is not limited to the lower body as the same impressive results have been achieved in under arm skin firming which is an area of concern for many older women again , with continued improvement shown up to 3 months after the treatment.”

“Whilst Acoustic Wave Therapy continues to show visible improvement to the naked eye  even after 3 months  most clients are seeking an instant fix and while not visibly apparent after the first treatment  an ultra sound scan immediately after treatment is able to demonstrate the gradual changes taking place in the underlying skin structure.”

Prior to treatment the dermis-hyper-dermis junction appears as an irregular surface.The black structures—adipose cells and lymphatic
fluids – are seen. “

“Visible improvement of the subcutaneous tissue structure is apparent. Increased red/yellow structures show new Collagen Fibrils