Toxin Calculator

The recent findings of rocket fuel chemical in Infant formula Full article comes as no surprise to Totally U International as without exception, every westernised individual, now has in his or her tissues, 300-500 known toxins that were not in existence before 1940. Since those early years, the chemical revolution has continued, without considering the long-term affects the chemicals may have on one’s quality of life or the environment. All degenerative diseases are on the rise, and it seems in lock-step with increasing toxin exposure. The number of new cancer cases more than doubled between 1982 and 2007. In 1982, 47,350 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in Australia compared with 108,368 cases in 2007.We often attribute various ailments to bugs and viruses, including unaccountable aches and pains in the joints, allergies, skin rashes and spots, backache, bad breath/body odour, depression, frequent mood swings, poor concentration, lack of energy, nausea, furred tongue, regular headaches/migraines, and susceptibility to colds and infections. In reality most of these ailments are due to an overload of toxins, seriously compromising the bodies mechanism to expel these toxins.As more and more toxins accumulate in your system, they place severe stress on these organs of elimination. With continued accumulation, the liver, kidneys, and other organs may begin to malfunction, causing a weakening of the immune system. The endocrine glands no longer secrete the proper amounts of hormones into the bloodstream, metabolism slows, producing a hospitable environment for illness and weight gain.In an effort to create more public awareness of damaging toxins we have developed an easy to use on line calculator, which can let each individual ascertain their level of toxicity with a short 2 minute questionnaire.

Take our test HERE (Patent Pending) to see just how toxic you are.