How Acoustic Wave Therapy Helps in Recovering From Damaged Tissue

Acoustic wave therapy (AWT), is a non-surgical treatment used to reduce the look of cellulite, increase the smoothness of the skin, and treat various chronic pain conditions in the body. It is a non-invasive treatment that is frequently performed in combination with in-office and home applications. The treatment is often recommended for those who are unsure of their cellulite condition or who want a fast solution to help reduce the signs of cellulite. However, many people wonder if acoustic wave therapy is safe. The purpose of this article is to determine if the treatment is safe and how effective it is.

How It Works

Acoustic wave therapy works by delivering focused ultrasound waves to the affected tissue. These waves modify the cellular structure of the tissue, encouraging the cells to produce more collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are the proteins responsible for giving skin its elasticity and smooth, yet firm appearance. When these two proteins are stimulated, the skin produces less collagen and the dimpling of the skin that is associated with cellulite is reduced. The amount of collagen produced is largely dependent on the number of fat cells that a person has in their body. Thus, by injecting large volumes of synthetic collagen into the body through the ear, AWT causes fat cells to be burned and replaced by new cells.


There have been several studies examining the effectiveness of acoustic wave therapy. Many of these studies have concluded that the treatment is safe. Some found that forty-nine overweight men and women were able to lose an average of eleven pounds and to improve their skin’s appearance and overall health after undergoing three treatments using acoustic wave therapy. However, these results were based on a small number of patients. More research is needed to verify whether or not acoustic wave therapy works.

Other studies have shown that the treatment is effective but it does take some time for the patients to see the full effects. The reason for this is that the treatment works best when the fat cells are stimulated right before they’re released. The problem is that most people are not injected with their fat. Instead, they’re injected with saline, which works just as well. For these cells to be stimulated, the device must work with the proper frequency and strength. For this reason, it is used most often with shock waves.

acoustic wave therapy

Although the method is relatively non-invasive, there are still some precautions that must be taken before and after therapy. First of all, patients must be sure that they won’t be bothered by the procedure. Saline can easily seep into the skin and cause an allergic reaction.


The only side effects that are generally seen are minor skin irritation. It is usually caused by the salty fluid that is used in the treatment. Most patients are not bothered by this, but it is something to keep in mind if you are a person who is prone to allergies. Another common problem that patients report is numbness, which is usually temporary and goes away once treatment with the acoustic waves is stopped.

Acoustic wave therapy is very safe and has no major side effects. It is the perfect choice for those who have had damaged tissue removed through surgery. The pain associated with the procedure is so minimal that most people don’t feel any during the procedure. Some patients report feeling a little sore for a few days following the procedure but it is usually only temporary.

Acoustic wave therapy is one of the safest ways to treat most types of painful conditions. It is often used after the actual surgery. If you want to find out if this type of therapy is right for you, call your doctor or physician to discuss your condition and find out if shock wave therapy is right for you.

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